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Fede Alvarez Says He’ll Make Another ‘Evil Dead’ If Uruguay Wins the World Cup

by Michael Carpenter

It hasn’t been a great year so far for fans of the Evil Dead franchise. While the delayed third season of Ash vs Evil Dead finally aired, its ratings were terrible, leading Starz to finally drop the cancellation axe on the underperforming series.

Shortly after the cancellation came another sad announcement, when genre legend Bruce Campbell announced that with Ash vs Evil Dead finished, so was his time portraying beloved, chainsaw-wielding Deadite slayer Ash Williams.

With Ash’s run seemingly done, many fans have turned back toward 2013’s widely praised remake of the original Evil Dead, directed by Fede Alvarez. A sequel to that film has been teased for years, but nothing has ever materialized.

Recently, Alvarez polled fans on social media on what his next horror project should be, a sequel to 2016’s Don’t Breathe or a sequel to Evil Dead. Needless to say, Evil Dead won by a landslide, although it’s unclear if that means any progress on it is happening.

A couple days back, a clever Evil Dead fan proposed a deal to Alvarez on Twitter, if Urugay – Fede Alvarez’s home country – wins the World Cup, the director makes Evil Dead 2. Surprisingly enough, Alvarez replied, agreeing to those terms.

One wonders if that means an Evil Dead sequel is already in the works, as there wouldn’t be much point to teasing it if the film wasn’t going to happen. Plus, Uruguay has won the World Cup before, and could definitely do so again. For now, we’re left to wait and see.

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