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Fede Alvarez May Return to Resurrect His ‘Evil Dead’

by Sam Angelo
Evil Dead 2 Fede Alvarez

This previous Friday (and over the weekend), Fede Alvarez asked fans (via Twitter Poll) what he should do for his next film: Don’t Breathe 2 or Evil Dead 2 (or stop making movies). While Don’t Breathe is one of the most well received and appraised horror movies in the past two years, fans of Alvarez voted in an overwhelming majority for a return to Evil Dead.

While the Twitter poll is not a concrete confirmation that Alvarez will be making a sequel to his 2013 Evil Dead remake, out of 9,829 fans who follow and are interested in his work specifically, roughly about 6,500 want to see Mia’s story continue.

The better part of fans’ desire for another Alvarez chapter of Evil Dead may come in the wake of Ash Vs. Evil Dead‘s cancellation, or a collective effort to (try and) keep Bruce Campbell from quitting his role as Ash permanently.

Alvarez’s Evil Dead could also simply be revered more positively than Don’t Breathe by fans despite how critics respectively felt about both films. Regardless, it’s exciting to hear news that Alvarez could be setting his sights on conjuring a sequel to his remake.

If the film’s production comes to fruition, it would seem unlikely that Alvarez would not have Sam Raimi or Bruce Campbell involved in some way, shape, or form. On top of the series’ campy humor and over the top violence, Raimi and Campbell seem to be paramount elements to the composition of anything Evil Dead related.

And let’s not forget that Raimi and Campbell served as producers on the 2013 reboot.

Fede Alvarez Evil Dead

Image via IMDB

It is unfortunate that the possibility of Evil Dead 2 follows on the heels of Ash vs. Evil Dead‘s cancellation, but this may be fate (or other under-worldly forces at hand) egging on Alvarez to not let the series die just yet.

Malevolent Necronomicon forces or not, if you want to find out more about where Ash vs. Evil Dead would have went with its creative direction, you can check out our article here covering season 4’s potential plot and setting.

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