Fede Alvarez Gives Us More Hope for an ‘Evil Dead’ Sequel

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With Ash vs Evil Dead officially laid to rest, fans are now turning to Fede Alvarez to keep the franchise alive (or undead). EW sat down with Alvarez to talk about his upcoming film The Girl in the Spider’s Web starring Claire Foy, which releases November 9th, 2018. Foy will be taking over the role of Lisbeth Sanders. Click here for the intense trailer.

The conversation turned “groovy” when EW asked Alvarez about his recent Twitter post stating he would make a sequel to his 2013 Evil Dead film if Uruguay wins the soccer World Cup.

Here’s what Alvarez had to say:

Look, I love those movies. Making my Evil Dead was an amazing experience, it was my first film. So, going back at some point will be a possibility.”

Alvarez continues:

I mean, I’m really good friends with all those guys, with Bruce, and Sam, and Rob (Tapert, who has produced all the Evil Dead movies). So, we always chat about it. The good news — and I think that’s what sometimes people don’t understand — is, none of those guys will make any of these movies just because they can, just because it’s good business. They will only make it if they believe they have some good story to tell. A lot of people say that in this industry, but most of the time it’s not true. With those guys, all of us involved in those movies, we will just make them if we believe there’s a story that has to be told, and is awesome, and is great, and we believe that it will be better than anything that will be done before in that world. [When] we find that story, when we all agree on what it is, it will probably happen.”

Alvarez’s statements mirror Denis Villeneuve’s regarding his passion for Blade Runner 2049, and his upcoming Dune films. Reboots and remakes walk a fine line between honoring the source material and making the new version its own thing. The writer/director’s 2013 Evil Dead film was met with overall positive feedback from the horror community. It’s a relief to hear if a sequel does happen Alvarez sounds determined to have a story worth telling.

It would be interesting to see what direction he would take the story. Bruce Campbell called Sam Raimi’s Evil Dead 2 a “requel,” and it’s likely Alvarez’s film would take the more traditional sequel route. If it begins right where his first film left off, he could expand the terror outside the cabin to the surrounding forest. Oh, the bloody possibilities.

We’d love to hear what you guys would like to see if the next Evil Dead becomes a reality. Post your thoughts in the comments, and we’ll keep you updated on any developments with this story!