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Feast on the Appetizing Eat Trailer

by admin

It’s hard to make it in Hollywood. Not that I know from personal experience, but you hear the horror stories or read the articles of aspiring young actors and the tragedies that befall them after their dream is crushed. Take the young starlet of the upcoming sick and twisted flick Eat, for example:

Novella McClure, an aspiring but aging actress staring desperation in the face. Her anxiety turns into an extreme eating disorder causing her to bite, chew and swallow her own flesh. As her personal life begins to deteriorate around her and new struggles arise, she must overcome this fatal dysfunction-before it’s too late.

I have to say, this sounds like an incredibly interesting indie picture I could get behind. Taking a different approach to cannibalism and self mutilation from depression, Eat is looking to be a gory and melancholy look into the life of a truly troubled young woman.

The film by Jimmy Webber, which stars Meggie Maddock and Dakota Pike, is currently being shopped around at Cannes, but I have no doubt this tasty little picture will get picked up. In the meantime, we have the trailer as a gruesome and delicious appetizer for you!

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