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Zombies. You love them. I love them. The whole world loves them. As evidence to this fact, AMC’s The Walking Dead season 7 once again topped all of TV in the ratings for the fifth straight year.

Even more impressive about TWD’s ratings win is that season 7 saw the series’ numbers dip several times, yet that still wasn’t enough to knock it off the top of the scripted TV mountain.

While not quite the ratings juggernaut as TWD, AMC’s zombie apocalypse spin-off Fear the Walking Dead has proven itself a dependable summer performer for the network, proving that the societal hunger for flesh-eating undead has yet to be fully satiated.

AMC clearly has no desire to lose Fear the Walking Dead anytime soon, as it has already opted to renew the series for season 4, set to air in 2018. This comes despite season 3 not even having premiered yet. Now that’s confidence.

Fear the Walking Dead zombie

Along with the renewal comes some creative changes, as previous showrunner Dave Erickson has departed the program, and will be replaced by the duo of Andrew Chambliss and Ian Goldberg. The pair previously worked on the ABC drama Once Upon a Time.

Additionally, Scott M. Gimple – TWD showrunner since season 4 – has joined the Fear team as an executive producer, and one wonders if that means there might be plans to finally crossover the two shows at some point in the future.

Fear the Walking Dead season 3 premieres Sunday, June 4th on AMC.

Fear the Walking Dead