Ever wonder how your favorite character on The Walking Dead will die? If there’s one thing we know for sure it’s that nobody is ever safe when zombies are roaming the Earth, and beloved characters like Daryl, Glenn, Carol and even Rick are just one bite away from becoming the enemy.

Just. One. Bite.

So how will they die? And what will they look like as undead zombies? Below you’ll find predictions, along with drawings of your favorite Walking Dead characters as rotten corpses!

Carol Peletier

Carol is a fighter by circumstance, her steely senses, and cold attitude is easily washed away with every life she takes. One day trying to cope with the lives she has taken and being alone.  Thinking that people always get hurt around her, Carol is going to give up.  On that day, she will sacrifice herself to save someone close to her. She will be consumed, and won’t be able to walk around as a walker. She will only be able to claw, scrape, and crawl towards victims similar to the bicycle girl in season one.

Trek 001 copy

Daryl Dixon

Daryl will die one of two ways: he will be beaten by Negan with Lucille and won’t be able to come back as a walker as he has no brains or head, or the second way, he survives Negan, and later gets shot in the stomach during a huge battle between colonies. Unable to contain the bleeding, Daryl dies a slow and painful death. Coming back as a walker with crossbow dangling around his neck, he tries to go after Rick. But Rick looks him in the eye and says, “I’m sorry, brother.” Them Rick shoots him in the head.

dvsdvsd 001 copy

Glenn Rhee

Glenn His fortune will run out soon. He should be the one, sadly, getting his brains bashed in by Negan. But that was the comic and as we have seen, the show has turned into its own undead beast. Glenn will go out guns blazing while trying to take on more than he can handle. Most likely he gets taken down by four walkers at once, runs out of bullets killing three of them and has no strength left to kill the fourth one after a long battle. He finally gets overtaken by a walker as it bites into his jugular vein in his neck. As the walker feasts, Glenn bleeds out and dies.

Walking Dead 002 copy

Rick Grimes 

Rick is a leader, his instincts are very primal, and he is motivated by family, friends, honour and respect. Not afraid to cross the line when it’s needed, Rick is dangerous. This is why he could be taken out so easily and become a walker.  It would happen, not in battle or against an opponent like the Governor or Negan. It will be when he is doing something totally mundane. Rick is going on a hunt to catch some wild animals for food to bring back to Alexandria. As he is walking, he sees something shiny out of the corner of his eye, he reaches over to see what it is, and then a walker gets him from behind biting into his shoulder.

Walking Dead 002444py

Of course, when it comes to the Walking Dead you have to expect the unexpected if the season finale is proof of anything at all. With the popularity of the show super high and the creator saying they have material till season 12, the fate of our favorite characters has yet to be seen. But one thing is sure: the Walking Dead will get you. Don’t agree? Feel Free discuss in the comments below.

Special Thanks to Kevin Bridgewater (the predictions), John Squires and Waylon Jordan for helping out with this article.

Art By Chris Fischer Illustration & Design