What Are Your Favorite Horror Movie Romances?

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Today is of course Valentine’s Day, and whether you’ve got someone to spend it with this year or you’re flying solo, it is pretty much your duty as a horror fan to watch My Bloody Valentine – original and remake, preferably – share funny horror Valentine’s cards on your social media accounts and get involved in blog and website discussions about horror movie romances.

Whether you like it or not, these are things you’ve just gotta do as a horror fan with an internet connection, and it’s that last thing that we want to engage you in here on iHorror today.

Though murder and love may not seem like they go hand in hand, horror movies have provided us with some pretty legendary romances over the years, from Frankenstein’s monster and his lovely bride to Chucky and Tiffany’s wedded bliss. Who are your favorite horror movie couples? Check out some of mine, and then let’s continue the discussion down below in the comments section!

Let The Right One In

Horror movie love doesn’t get much more romantic than the Swedish film Let The Right One In, which centers on the budding relationship between a young vampire girl, Eli, and the young boy who can’t get enough of her, Oskar. OK, so Eli is actually a young boy, who was turned into a vampire girl, but let’s not allow the specifics to sour what is an incredibly beautiful relationship. At the end of the film, Oskar and Eli head off into the sunset darkness together, after Eli brutally decimates the bullies that have made Oskar’s life a living hell. If that’s not love, then I honestly have no idea what love is!


Speaking of vampire love stories, Park Chan-wook’s Thirst also has a pretty beautiful one beating at its bloody heart. In this one, however, it is the male – Sang-hyun – that is a vampire, who finds himself falling in love with a human female – Tae-ju. In a sequence of events that can only be described as highly romantic, Sang-hyun kills Tae-ju’s abusive husband, who also happened to be a childhood friend of his, and then turns her into the blood-thirsty monster that he has become. At the end of the film, the two of them face the sunset together, in what is perhaps the most beautiful suicide scene ever committed to celluloid.

Near Dark

Less tragic than the romance in Thirst is the story of Caleb and Mae, from 1987’s Near Dark – my personal favorite vampire film of all time. At the start of the film, Caleb falls madly in love with the beautiful Mae, not realizing just how much the romance is going to change his life. Mae is a vampire, you see, and her clan is hellbent on either killing him or turning him into one of them. Caleb refuses, and in the end he helps eradicate her evil family, and even turns her back into a human. The film ends with the two of them enjoying the sunset together, with a happy – and human – life ahead of them. Twilight aint got nothin’ on that!

The Fly

Horror movie love doesn’t always have happy endings, unfortunately, and love stories don’t get much more tragic than David Cronenberg’s gruesome 1986 remake of The Fly. Seth Brundle and Veronica Quaife have seemingly got it all; he’s smart, she’s smart and beautiful, and he’s on the verge of making scientific history, with the creation of a teleportation device. Of course, that plan goes to hell in a hand-basket when a pesky little fly finds its way inside the device, fusing Seth’s DNA with its own. Seth slowly devolves into a half-man/half-fly monster, and in the end he forces Veronica to blow his hideous fly head off with a shotgun. Makes my eyes well up with tears every time, that finale does.

Last House on the Left

In Wes Craven’s Last House on the Left, we don’t learn all that much about John and Estelle Collingwood, as a couple, but it’s their incredible commitment to being parents that makes them a couple we should all aspire to be. After they find out their young daughter and her best friend have been brutally raped and murdered, they set out on a course for bloody revenge, doing whatever they have to do to make sure the killers don’t live to see another day. Estelle goes so far as to seduce one of the rapists and bite his penis off, while John picks up a chainsaw and goes after another. Now that’s a badass couple, if I’ve ever seen one!

Sound off below with your picks, and let’s get this Valentine’s Day discussion going!