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Nothing says Halloween quite like picking and carving pumpkins, which is perhaps the one thing that every lover of the holiday must do before October comes to a close. But creative farmer Tony Dighera is putting a bit of a different spin on the annual tradition, and there’s no carving involved.

As reported by CBS Minnesota, the California-based farmer has spent several years perfecting the art of grow-carving, coming up with a groundbreaking custom mold that allows for pumpkins to literally grow into set shapes and designs. It’s taken Dighera four years and hundreds of thousands of dollars to master the technique, and develop the molds.


His most popular molded pumpkin is the one he refers to as ‘Pumpkin-Stein,’ a gourd that resembles Dr. Frankenstein’s iconic monster. The creative gourds are being sold wholesale for around $75, and will be available in select California grocery stores this Halloween season. Some stores will be selling them for as high as $150 each.


Dighera says that he’s going to top this year’s FrankenPumpkins next year with white gourds in the shape of skulls, and you can be sure that we’ll share them with you here on iHorror once they’re ready for your eyeballs to enjoy them!