Fantastic Fest 2019: We Summon the Darkness Brings on the Metal, Satanists and Fun

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Three great female leads, metal and satanic cults. What’s not to like when you read a synopsis involving all three of those? We Summon the Darkness is that movie, and it was a midnighter out of Fantastic Fest to boot!

We Summon the Darkness centers around Alexis, Val and Bev three young ladies taking a road trip to a heavy metal concert to headbang, drink and otherwise have a blasty blast. When the girls meet a group of three dudes at the concert and decide to invite them back to their house to continue the party, things get a little satanic and really murdery.

Did I mention there is a load of satanic serial murders going on around this same time? Just so happens these murders also have a connection to young folks who attend heavy metal concerts. Of course, this plays largely into the sort of evening that these three young ladies are going to have.

I was able to experience this film cold. Not knowing anything past a brief synopsis. I know there are a couple of reviews and more in-depth synopsis’ that ruin one of the films big twists. I think it’s a better film not expecting that twist so, I’m going to keep this whole thing spoiler free.

Alexandra Daddario, Maddie Hasson and Amy Forsyth are having an absolute contagious blast on screen. Fitting naturally into each role that their characters take them all while maintaining likeability and a natural comradery. Their playful approach to their roles is a lot of fun especially with the turns that the third act of the film take. Hasson is a particular standout in the film, creating a madly hilarious take on her character Val.

Marc Myers, (My Friend Dahmer) directs the trio and embodies this particular world very well. Myers plays the film out with an energy that keeps things constantly moving either by way of fun, scares or big laughs. The film has a nice pace to it, the twists come early allowing the rest of the film to play in a very enjoyable sandbox.

We Summon the Darkness is a blast of energy that wold have fit well into the better side of 90’s horror Daddario, Hasson and Forsyth completely own this film. It’s a fun and wild ride that travels the corridors of metal, satanic cults and misfits creating a film that is a good time and something with a lot of rewatchability.

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