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The mall from Dawn of the Dead is without question one of the most iconic horror movie filming locations of all time, and thousands of fans make the trek out to Pennsylvania each year to step foot inside. It’s called the Monroeville Mall, and today it needs our help.

Many changes have been made to both the interior and exterior of the Monroeville Mall since filming wrapped on Dawn of the Dead in the late 70s, to the point that it’s becoming harder and harder to even recognize. Several notable aspects have either been changed or completely removed, much to the chagrin of horror fans.

Now it’s being reported that an unnamed demolition company has been tasked with removing and destroying the mall’s indoor bridge, which is very much on display in George Romero’s classic zombie film. It’s set to be removed any day now, and two diehard fans are hoping to at least preserve it.


Over on The Petition Site, Kate Davis and Lawrence DeVincentz are rallying fellow fans to submit their digital signatures to the cause, hoping that a high number of signatures will encourage the company to keep the bridge intact. From there, they hope to put it on display in a different location.

If we can garner enough signatures, we would like to house the bridge in a facility where fans can continue to visit it for years to come,” wrote the duo. “Kevin Kriess has agreed to make it a permanent part of The Living Dead Museum in Evans City, PA. Our goal is for the demolition company to take it apart with care and turn it over to the Living Dead Museum to be reassembled.

At the time of writing this, 413 fans have signed the petition, and the hope is that 1,000 signatures will be sent in within the next couple days. This is somewhat of an urgent situation, so if you don’t want to see the iconic Dawn of the Dead bridge get destroyed, be sure to sign the petition!