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Fans Flock To The Real Mansion Behind AHS’ Coven/Apocalypse

by Timothy Rawles

Some people say Coven is their favorite American Horror Story season, and now with Apocalypse doing the crossover thing, fans once again get to see the Buckner Mansion located in New Orleans’ Garden District.

Buffs are flocking to the site at the corner of Jackson Avenue and Coliseum Street in New Orleans to take selfies and be a part of television history.

“It is one of the top attractions in the Garden District,”  Dwayne Clipps of Prime Transit Tours said.

The beautiful antebellum structure was celebrated in the past as one of the most prestigious homes among the upper crust when it was constructed by Henry Sullivan Buckner, a big cotton boss, back in 1856.

Along with its signature wrought iron fence, it also contains 48 columns and 3 ballrooms.

It was sold in 1923 and then became a business school in 1983. But now it’s once again a private residence commissioned from time to time as a filming location for TV and movies, recently revisited as “Miss Robicheaux’s Witch Academy.”

“Passing by you can definitely feel an eerie presence. I believe that’s why they use the home to film,”  Clipps said.

The historic home has become a mecca to horror fans and just one stop of many on their tour of haunted New Orleans.

American Horror Story: Apocalypse airs on Wednesday nights on FX.

The Buckner Mansion is located at 1410 Jackson Avenue.


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