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Fangoria Rises From the Dead – Again – as New Buyers Save the Day

by Curt Fiers
Is Fangoria Still Published

It’s been months since the magazine went up for sale in June, and devoted horror fans have been asking “is Fangoria still published?” A disastrous 2020 wreaked havoc on the brand and culminated in the loss of some of its biggest stars. Fortunately, there seems to be light at the end of the tunnel. It appears as if Fangoria is rising from the dead again.

Is Fangoria Still Published?

Fangoria is a quarterly publication, and the next issue isn’t due out until October 2020. This leaves plenty of time for speculation that the magazine may have disappeared – again. This is especially the case after the Cinestate sexual assault scandal rocked the horror world earlier this year. The fears are further solidified by the fact that the Fangoria Twitter hasn’t posted in nearly three months.

Fans on the edges of their seats over whether Fangoria is still published can relax, though, we recently received the announcement that the iconic horror brand is under new management. In fact, it seems that our favorite publication is rising from the dead even stronger than before. Fangoria Digital, Fangoria Podcast Network and Fangoria Studios are all set to launch in 2021.

This was welcome news after the magazine’s editor in chief posted the following back in June:

Earlier this year, it had become increasingly apparent that Cinestate had failed to protect its employees. It got so bad, in fact, that Barbara Crampton and Joe Bob Briggs left Fangoria due to its association with the larger brand. In June 2020, the announcement came out that the horror publication was up for sale again.

The CEO and producer of Wanderwll Entertainment, Tara Ansley, teamed up with Abhi Goel to purchase the company. They also acquired Gorezone and Starlog, and all the brands will find their new home under the Fangoria umbrella. So, is Fangoria still published? Fortunately, it seems like there will be no interruption in the printing presses.

What’s Next for Fangoria?

While we know that the publication of Fangoria will continue uninterrupted and new digital content will continue to flow, it’s hard to know exactly how everything will turn out. The legendary publication managed to revive itself once – undoubtedly buoyed when Joe Bob joined Fangoria – so it’s very likely that the brand will manage to stay strong.

Unfortunately, the continued publication of Fangoria while it survives as a brand doesn’t change the mass of talent that left over Cinestate. Will they all be coming back? To be fair, Fangoria took the right steps from the start. As you can see below, the editor of the magazine said they wouldn’t work until Cinestate took steps to rectify the situation:

It was only when they felt their parent company wasn’t doing enough that Fangoria went up for sale. In a time when people are demanding change in the film industry, the brand took all the right steps in their response. Does this mean we’ll get Joe Bob and the other talented individuals back into the mix? We can only hope.

Fangoria’s Back From the Dead!

After months of hand-wringing and wondering, we now know that Fangoria is set to continue doing what it does best. We should’ve known that – after four decades – it wouldn’t be quite so easy to kill off the brand. With new ownership in place and the editor’s decision to stand up for what’s right, fans may never again have to ask whether Fangoria is still published. Well, at least for another 40 years.

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