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Fangoria Brings Horror Screenplay ‘After Birth’ to Life

by Sam Angelo
After Birth

Parenting is notoriously difficult, especially when it’s for a Frankenstein’s monster version of an infant. I can’t imagine trying to piece together your own baby from scratch (outside of conception) being an easy or clean task. This is why Fangoria’s newest film After Birth will prove to be a film worth seeing for parents who may have constructed their own Franken-baby, but need tips and tricks on how to keep it alive.

The screenplay, originally by Laura Moss (Fry Day and Rising Up: The Story of the Zombie Rights Movement) and Brendan O’Brien (Neighbors and Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising), After Birth will be directed by Moss, is being financially backed by Fangoria, reports Deadline. Alongside Moss, Mali Elfman (Before I Wake) is set to produce in addition to Dallas Sonnier (Bone Tomahawk and Dragged Across Concrete)  and Amanda Presmyk (Puppet Master: Littlest Reich and Dragged Across Concrete) for Fangoria and Cinestate. Fangoria will have the role of executive producers assigned to Phil Nobile Jr. (Killer Profile and Halloween: The Inside Story) and Clay Neigher (Satanic Panic (pre-production)). The team provided will be  in charge of this touching mother-daughter horror fest of gore and quality parenting.


Dallas Sonnier Photo by Ian Caldwell

Detailed by Deadline‘s article, After Birth is about a morgue technician who is able to galvanize the corpse of a baby girl; however, while the little spawn is alive for now, it cannot survive by natural means like any other newborn infant. In order to keep the little girl alive, the technician turned mad scientist must gather the necessary biological components to give the Frankenbaby. Consequently, the bio-parts needed to keep the girl alive must come from pregnant women.

Fangoria After Birth

Photo by David Bukach Photography

Unfortunately for our new-age Frankenstein, the girl’s mother discovers that the child has been brought back to life by unethical means. Thankfully for the Morgue technician, the two are able to lead to an agreement that guarantees that they will embark on a nightmarish journey that there’s no turning back from.

After Birth promises to be one hell of an interesting ride, an innovative take on the age-old tale of Frankenstein that’s been reinvented countless times. Fangoria has also announced they will be backing an episodic horror comedy series featuring Barbara Crampton, which you can read our article covering that here!

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