Written by Patti Pauley

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I can certainly appreciate a WELL THOUGHT OUT fan theory every once in awhile. I’ve read about a million out there that range from absolute rubbish to explanations that can actually make you see one of your favorite films, shows, or characters’ in a new light. However, the latest in horror film fandom theories that has caught my squirrelly attention span creates a fascinating train of thought for both Hitchcock and Halloween fans alike; What if the Sam Loomis character from Halloween was more than just an homage to Psycho‘s Sam Loomis? What if it’s actually the same person?


I know. I know. Hear this all out though.

sam loomis

Now, to bring those who may be confused up to speed, in Psycho, Sam Loomis is Marion Crane’s boyfriend; and in Halloween Sam Loomis plays psychiatrist to Michael Myers. It’s fairly knowledgeable to Myers fans that John Carpenter did pay homage to the Hitchcock thriller by not only naming the good doctor after one of the Psycho characters but also cast the daughter of said film’s heroine Marion Crane ( Janet Leigh) Jamie Lee Curtis as John Carpenter’s final girl in what became to be, one of the biggest slasher franchises in the horror genre. In a recent article highlighted by FilmSchoolRejects, the article makes for an intelligent, and plausible argument as to the theory that Loomis from both Psycho and Halloween, two entirely different films, are one in the same.

sam loomis psycho

The theory suggests that after suffering a traumatic experience with losing his beloved Marion, tracking down Norman Bates in mother mode, restraining him and turning him into the police and the loony doctors, is that Loomis would handle his grief and experience by making sure in his own sort of ways, that an incident like this should never happen again. And so Loomis would go on to leave the terror behind in Arizona and move to Illinois to earn his bachelor’s in child psychology. Catch ’em while they’re young sort of deal.

Upon graduating, one of his first patients is a young boy, six years of age with the blackest eyes… the devil’s eyes. Of course, you know who I’m referring to here. Loomis sees the traits of the disturbed Norman in little Mikey and drives himself deep into work in order to prevent the events of Psycho all over again. However, we all know how that ends up. After initially 15 years of trying his damnest to reach into Myers’ psyche to pull him back into normality, Myers escapes, and death comes to Haddonfield. Of course, being the persistent man Loomis is in trying to avoid a repeat of history, he pursues Michael in an effort to stop him; and with Loomis slightly jaded by said history, he means to end it by any means possible. If he has to kill Myers, he’s going to go for it.

For nearly 20 years, SIX FILMS TOTAL, this guy keeps running after Myers. The theory goes on to state that is typical of a man suffering from guilt, and PTSD. That Loomis is not your typical doctor, nor a rational man at that. That this man getting on in years, has seen first hand before the Haddonfield shit show of ’78, and the consequences of a maniac on the loose. So this man will go to the ends of the Earth to put a stop to it. It has become an obsession for him. And followed him to his own death.

At the end of the day, this is just a theory; and a mind fucking one at that. Albeit, John Carpenter has never once stated that this is true, and although I highly doubt there’s any credence to it, it’s fun to pretend and intertwine the two historical horror masterpieces together. What’s your take? Let’s discuss in the comments!