In 1989, both the Nightmare on Elm Street and Friday the 13th franchises were turned into video games for the NES. 25 years later, those once forgotten games are arguably more popular than ever, thanks to an outpouring of toys and collectibles inspired by the oddball depictions of Freddy and Jason.

The resurgence showing no signs of slowing down, one fan has taken it upon himself to create the ultimate love letter for both games, mashing them together and using them to form a completely new game. Yes, decades after the system was rendered obsolete, Freddy vs. Jason now has its own Nintendo game, pitting the two icons against one another in the world of 8-bits.

Freddy vs. Jason NES

This clever hack puts Freddy Krueger inside the infamous Friday the 13th NES game, allowing you to slaughter Camp Crystal Lake counselors and do battle with Jason Voorhees. The task, of course, is to defeat Jason, and the quest to do so promises to be as infuriating and mind-numbing as real games from the NES era.

The Freddy vs. Jason Nintendo game is now available through Flashback Entertainment, selling for $40. The cartridge will work with your Nintendo system, so you might want to dig it up from the basement and blow the dust out of it. Or better yet, buy yourself an Elm Street-inspired console!

To give you a taste of what you can expect, check out some gameplay footage below!

[youtube id=”PwTWO8KG_5s”]