Jason Voorhees is a big deal in the world of video games right now, as he’s just been unleashed as a playable character in the brand new Mortal Kombat X. Now, thanks to one crafty customizer, you can eviscerate your enemies with a Playstation 4 controller that actually looks like Jason.

Based out of the UK, the fan sells his custom creations under the brand Domino FX. Though he’s up for making whatever the hell you want him to make, his specialty is PS4 controllers inspired by Jason Voorhees and Freddy Krueger, and you just might bust out your credit card when you see them.

Weathered and bloodied, the Voorhees controller is made to look like Jason’s iconic hockey mask, while the Krueger controller appears as if it’s wrapped in burnt flesh. Images of the slasher icons are placed onto the touch pads, really sealing the deal on these being must-owns for horror fans.

Check out the various Freddy and Jason controllers Domino FX has recently made, along with one inspired by The Walking Dead. Again, the artist can either make you exact replicas of these or tailor them to your specific desires, and you can contact him through the Domino FX Facebook page.