Fan-Made Trailer Depicts ALIEN (1979) as a Comedy

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I didn’t think I’d ever be able to find anything funny about the original Alien film. I was wrong.

This fan-made trailer of the 1979 film shows what could have been if Ridley Scott had decided that Alien was an animal-centered buddy comedy. Although I was skeptical at first, I will fully admit that the trailer made me laugh out loud numerous times. In it, the titular alien isn’t so much of an extraterrestrial as it is a…well, it’s just Jonesy, Ripley’s cat.

You can watch the video below, courtesy of Mashable Watercooler.

By contrast, here’s a trailer for the original Alien film. If nothing else, this Cat-centric trailer is awesome for the fact that it got me to rediscover just how incredible the actual trailer for the film was. It doesn’t even have to have much going on to be overwhelmingly terrifying.

Now, we’ve just got to get someone to make this funny trailer into a full-length movie. I would watch it. I would watch the hell out of that movie. In fact, I have a suggestion.

The modern remake is a very divisive concept among fans, especially horror movie fans. We lament when a remake isn’t scary enough or it changes the source material in a way that tarnishes the original. Here is my idea. Let’s abandon the whole idea of the remake as we currently know it and push for all horror movies to be remade into comedies. This way no one can complain when it’s not scary enough. No one can really moan about how it is too far from the source material because that’s the whole point!

Oh, wait? You don’t like that idea? Yeah, I don’t really, either. The alternative – my proposed alternative – would probably be an incredibly bad idea. So, with that in mind, maybe you should think twice before you become angry over the prospect of a horror remake. They could be much worse.

They could be cat remakes.

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