Fan Edited Alien: Covenant Trailer Mirrors Alien (1979)

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Last weekend, FOX dropped a great Christmas gift on fans of sci-fi/horror: the first trailer for Alien: Covenant. However, while many loved the trailer, and thought it represented a nice shift away from the style of 2012’s divisive Prometheus, not everyone was so enamored with it. For example, some bashed the Covenant trailer for giving too much away and/or making poor soundtrack choices.

With all that in mind, an enterprising Youtuber named Jose Mellinas has taken it upon himself to reedit the Covenant trailer in the style of the classic teaser for Ridley Scott’s original 1979 Alien film, a clip quite a few genre lovers consider to be one of the greatest teasers in either horror or sci-fi history.

Short, scary, and straight to the point, Alien’s classic teaser set the right tone and got audiences properly hyped up to see the nightmarish ride that was to come. Does Mellinas’ Alien-ized take on the Covenant trailer do the same? Well, that’s up to you, the iHorror faithful to decide. Presented directly below are both the recut Covenant trailer and the original 1979 Alien teaser for comparison purposes.

As an added bonus for those reading this who happen to fall on the “love” side of the Prometheus divide, here’s another recut of the Covenant trailer done in the style of the teaser for Prometheus. This one was created by Youtuber Alexander Serzhantov.

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