Dutch Farmhouse

Family “Waiting for the End of Time” Found in a Dutch Farmhouse

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It reads like something out of a novel and just a little like The People Under the Stairs, but local authorities say it is absolutely true. A 58 year old man and six young adults ranging in age from 18 to 25 were discovered in a hidden room inside a Dutch farmhouse after one of the siblings escaped and ran to a local pub.

The 25 year old young man was dressed in ragged clothes and was unkempt when he entered a bar in Ruinerwold and reportedly drank five beers before telling the owner that he needed help. After describing the conditions he and his siblings were living in on the remote farmhouse, the owner made the decision to call the police.

Upon their arrival at the location, officers discovered a hidden staircase behind a cupboard which led down to a secret room. It appeared that the “family” had been living in the cramped space together reported waiting for the end of time.

Reports are unclear as to whether the man was actually the father of the siblings. In an article from the BBC, the police said that he was, but the local mayor contradicted them.

It appears that the family had been surviving off vegetables grown in a garden on the property. It was unclear why it had taken so long for one of the “children” to attempt the escape.

Neighbors and local authorities tweeted about the events as they were happening. One neighbor told the police that he had only ever seen one man on the property and the local postman said he’d never delivered a single letter to the address.

The 58 year old man has been arrested after he failed to cooperate with authorities.

The police are baffled by the case and it will certainly take time to fully unravel this mystery.

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