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‘Family Possessions’ Delivers Spine Curdling Shivers & Goosebumps [Review]

by Ryan T. Cusick


Several months back I read a short synopsis for Tommy Faircloth’s Family Possessions, and I immediately was hooked. At that moment I knew this film would be required viewing and I was ecstatic at the mere thought of the opportunity to view it. Finally, the day came. My surroundings and feelings transformed instantly to that of a young boy I once knew, running down the stairs on Christmas morning to be mesmerized by the gift that awaited.

The horror genre consists of many different layers, and this is why the genre appeals to so many and serves as the primary reason for my attraction. People are very fascinated with the fright factor, captivating on death and the unknown. Horror films hit home so to speak when the viewer can find relevance in what he or she is watching. Family Possessions offers this connection, capturing societal issues such as family dysfunction, bullying, and the universal fear of the unknown.

Family Possessions whips up a creepy dose of psychological cinematic terror that has no bounds. The film is light on special effects which allowed for a generated suspense assorted with fear through what is suggested rather than what is seen. The town has a creepy gloominess that lingers throughout, and at times appears eerier than the home that the family has inhabited; It felt like a Twilight Zone throwback, and I was enjoying it!

The film follows a financially-troubled family moving into the home of a deceased relative. Main character Racheal Dunn (Leah Wiseman) has inherited this house and all of its contents from her grandmother. The grandmother’s Will specifies that the family can reside in the house as long as her granddaughter lives there as well. The financially stricken family is now left with no option but to remain in the home. Strange noises along with objects moving create the eerie sensation that the family has inherited more than just a home. Racheal soon discovers that her family has been hiding a secret about her grandmother causing her to think twice about staying in the home. Family Possessions is an exquisitely made and terrifying horror film allowing circumstances to grow more deceitful as each family member’s faith and commitment are tested in immense ways. This film comes with the highest of recommends.

The film also stars Mark Patton (A Nightmare On Elm Street 2: Freddy’s Revenge) as Tyson, Felissa Rose (Sleepaway Camp) as Susan, Jason Vail (Dollface) as Steve Dunn and Morgan Moning (Worldly Possessions) as Sarah Dunn. I must say what a pleasure it was having Mark Patton back on the screen again after three decades and of course always enjoyable to see Felissa Rose back at it again!

Family Possessions had its World Premiere at the Nightmares Film Festival that took place back in October in Columbus, Ohio. This past weekend the film was shown at Days of The Dead Chicago.

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Ryan T. Cusick is a writer for ihorror.com and very much enjoys conversation and writing about anything within the horror genre. Horror first sparked his interest after watching the original, The Amityville Horror when he was the tender age of three. Ryan lives in California with his wife and Eleven-year-old daughter, who is also expressing interest in the horror genre. Ryan recently received his Master’s Degree in Psychology and has aspirations to write a novel. Ryan can be followed on Twitter @Nytmare112

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