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We can almost smell the Pumpkin Spice and popcorn in the air as we head closer and closer to the fall movie season.

Although the list is a bit sparse and erratic. what we have seems to be pretty good so far.

From mid-range budgets to all-out blockbusters the theaters should be full of genre fans from now until winter.

These are only wide-release options as lower budget and independent films will travel by word-of-mouth.

Also, as is sometimes the case, release dates can change because someone in the corner office said so, and therefore these opening dates may move.

That being said here is our list:

Sept. 8.

There is a little movie, you probably haven’t heard about that is causing circus performers to lose work, that movie of course is IT, starring Bill Skarsgard based on the novel by Stephen King.

Sept. 15.


Poor moms, they never seem to get a break in horror films, and it doesn’t look like Darren Aronofsky is putting them in aprons and mom jeans in his latest picture. But the exclamation point in the title only makes us wonder why it needs to be shouted.

Sept. 22.

Friend Request

Here’s another entry into the horror that is social media. No I’m not talking about your latest political post, but this film from Germany, which was actually released there a year ago.  A woman denies someone access to her personal feed via social media, and there isn’t a reaction button that can take away her feeling of rejection, but she finds another way.

Sept. 29


About the same time Julia Roberts was a Pretty Woman, but before she became a saucy lawyer, she and a group of medical students decided to try a little experiment with the afterlife in the movie Flatliners. The kids in this remake do the same thing and I’m assuming receive the same terrifying results.

Oct. 3

Cult of Chucky

I’m going to do a little cheating here since Cult of Chucky won’t see a theatrical run. But it is one of the most hyped horror films this year. And dare I say I might get hate mail if I didn’t remind you of the date it heads to Blu-ray, DVD and Digital HD. But that’s just me, your friend to the end.

Oct. 13

Happy Death Day

Jason Blum built a house made of terror and blood. His guest room is reserved for us horror fans and his latest invitation makes us relive the same day over and over. That is the premise of this film in which a young woman is destined to repeat the same bloody day until she can solve the mystery of why?


The Snowman

America has had its share of serial killers, but in this new Michael Fassbender film, based on the series by Jo Nesbø, he finds there is something colder than the chill of a Norwegian snow storm, that is the heart of a killer. Fassbender must find him before another person dies. Talk about a cold case.

Boo 2! A Madea Halloween

Of course we have to add this one to the list, we wouldn’t want Madea to come after us with a shotgun and a can of whoop-ass now would we?

Oct. 27.


If you had to make a choice, which would you choose: Jigsaw or Professor Marston and the Wonder Women, both releasing on the same day? If you’re smart, choose the former over the latter because it’s the right thing to do

Dec. 1


Say what you want about having to fan the pictures as they develop, but we’d rather take our chances there than see what develops from this old-school camera. Then again, what hipster wouldn’t want to take a selfie on an ancient device from the 1970’s?

Dec. 8.

The Shape of Water

Guillermo del Toro often lives on the fringe of horror and sci-fi, just when you think he’s going one way he jumps over to the other. The Shape of Water may sit right in the middle of what scares us about nature and how that affects the supernatural. That’s the Del Toro way.

[Insert some Jedi movie here for Dec. 15…moving on]

Dec. 20.

Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle

Maybe not a horror movie in the traditional sense, but if I had a game that came alive everytime I made a move, I think it might make me rethink Cards Against Humanity, but luckily this film looks downright hilarious and we’d all like to be a little more jolly just  before the holidays wouldn’t you say?