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Gore-geous Face Masks

by Piper St. James

**iHorror cannot make medical or health claims. iHorror cannot speak on the safety measures you should take, nor on the effectiveness of these face masks. We are just sharing them for aesthetics sake.**

We are in a strange new world now where we are compelled, or even required, to wear face masks when we go outside to protect us from COVID-19.

Since many of us do not know how to sew, we have turned to the internet to find masks. Etsy has been sprouting new sellers of fabric face masks weekly. Many patterns are available to express ourselves while we try and stay safe.

For horror fans, there are many sellers that have embraced the genre in their stores.

With a 5 star rating and 533 sales, Etsy store NerdTrove has the cutest The Exorcist inspired mask with a chibi style possessed Regan. Among their nerdtastic prints, NerdTrove also has chibi inspired twins from The Shining.

The reviews boast these masks are “well made”, “comfortable” as well as “ship super quickly.” The prices range from $17.99 – $19.99 before shipping is included. These masks are made with a double layer of fabric and have a satin ribbon tie.  You can find NerdTrove here!

Another 5 star rating Etsy store is WellDoneGoods by Cyberoptix out of Detroit, Michigan. In their store, their Shining face mask is beautiful. The printed fabric is the same patterns as the carpet found in Stanley Kubrick’s movie adaptation. While this mask runs a bit more at $30, it is a double layer mask and has elastic ear loops for a better and more secure fit. The description also states “over two hours of work” goes into these masks to “get it just right, and it’s infinitely reusable!”

Shop WellDoneGoods by Cyberoptix here!

Outside of Etsy retail stores such as Hot Topic have also added masks to their vast array of clothing, accessories, and toys.

Advertised as “Fashion Face Masks,” Hot Topic has increased their selection over the last two weeks. Beginning with about half a dozen different patterns, the online component to the mall retail store has 25 different masks to choose from with elastic ear loops.  You can also purchase their bandanas, which can be fashioned into a face mask with a simple DIY tutorial which you can find here.

Hot Topic’s face mask prints range from simple solid colors to the edgy, darker side of pop culture we have come to know them for. The average price runs $12.90 (bandanas $7.90) before shipping, but lately you can catch their 20% off deal online.

Some of the store’s face masks are available for pre-sale, while others are on back order but are expected to be in stock soon. As with the other masks mentioned, Hot Topic makes it clear for their customers to know these masks are not suitable for medical or clinical use, and all sales are final. However, at a time like this, many are turning to face masks to express themselves in public while staying safe, and Hot Topic certainly has some gore-geous patterns!

Even Spooky Empire, Florida’s largest horror convention, is joining the face mask retail spike. Spooky Empire, the self declared ‘Dark Side of Comic Con’ had to postpone its June event until mid August. However, that has not stopped them from keeping in touch with their fans on Facebook and offering their very own face mask selection in their webstore. Their face masks run $15 each.  You can find Spooky Empire’s store here!

With the dark humor the convention creator Petey Mongelli is known and loved for, a new shirt has also been added to their store. This shirt has their infamous Frankenstein image grasping the convention’s name in gloved latex hands while wearing a face mask. They have appropriately named this shirt “Quaran-tee.”

Share your pics wearing your favorite horror themed masks with us!

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