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‘Face Mask’ Short Builds Intense Pandemic-Born Tension

by Trey Hilburn III
Face Mask

Filmmaker Todd Spence and Midnight Video have done some of our favorite short films of the past few years. If you haven’t already seen Your Date is Here, Police Footage or any of the others on the Midnight Video YouTube Channel, you need to check them out. The latest Midnight Video, Face Mask is another dive into absorbing and effective horror.

The short is flat out pandemic horror. Instead of relying on Zoom and video chat avenues, Face Mask relies on isolation and paranoia of people around you. All that good stuff that has been born out of the pandemic and self isolation.

It begins with a dude (Bill Parmentier) going out to do some laundry. Quickly, he sees his very regular night of chores being threatened by an unexpected passerby (Zachary Allen Farmer). The conversation between these two quickly goes from inquiring about why one of them isn’t wearing a face mask and quickly transforms into a tense, uncomfortable talk.

This time around Spence writes alongside Zak White, with Dan Allen and Adam Huber directing.

The team builds up tension very quickly and manages to pull of a surprise ending that changes up the enormous jump scare that some of Spence’s other short films incorporate.

What did you guys think about Face Mask? Let us know in the comments section. Also, if you haven’t already check out the other videos that Midnight Video’s channel offers and give em a like and subscribe while you are there.

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