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Eye on Horror Podcast Host Jacob Davison’s Top Ten of 2020

by Jacob Davison
The year 2020 will forever be infamous to human civilization. Particularly when it comes to cinema. The pandemic reduced most movie watching experiences to small screens and drive-ins for most of the year and the effects are all-encompassing. Still, there were plenty of fine films released in one form or another and well worth watching.
With that in mind, I put together a list of my top 10 favorite movies that I got to see this year and hope you watch, too! Make sure to listen to the latest episode of EYE ON HORROR for more commentary on my tops as well as my co-host’s Jonathan Correia and James Jay Edward’s picks!

The Mortuary Collection

10. The Mortuary Collection

The anthology is one of the longest and most traditional forms of horror storytelling. It’s always a blast when a new one manages to charge the format with new blood, and The Mortuary Collection has blood galore! Hosted by Clancy Brown as a narrative mortician who is as entertaining as he is eerie, The Mortuary Collection digs up some fun tales of karmic comeuppance like the EC Comics inspired anthologies of old.

Streaming on Shudder and Prime Video


9. Spree

Horror is often reflective of the times, and a recurring cycle is that of diabolical character studies. Like Fade To BlackStar Time, and American PsychoSpree follows a deranged individual as they breakdown further into madness. In this case, a psychotic rideshare driver played by Stranger Things‘ Joe Keery who’s obsessed with two things: internet fame and mass murder.

Streaming on Hulu and digital rental/purchase on Prime Video

The Wolf of Snow Hollow

8. The Wolf of Snow Hollow

Small towns are seen as ideal Americana. Where everyone knows each other’s name, where family values are held on high, and where everything is nice and peaceful. But what happens when there’s a werewolf on the loose? This is what happens when a small skiing town comes under siege from a rash of full moon murders. Causing the rustic facade to fall apart like a cross between JAWS and Fargo as the stressed out cop in charge (Jim Cummings) starts to lose his grip. Also featuring Riki Lindhome a final and memorable performance by genre mainstay Robert Forster.

Available on Blu-Ray and Digital

The Invisible Man

7. The Invisible Man

Being able to see a movie in a packed cinema has now become memories I hold onto fondly. Of such, seeing Leigh Whannell’s intense remake of the Universal horror classic on the big screen was an experience I will never forget! The story follow Elisabeth Moss as the wife of an abusive and controlling scientist who kills himself after she leaves him. But has she truly gotten away? When weird things sabotage her life more and more, she’ll have to figure out who or what is stalking her. A masterclass in tension that caused the audience to erupt in screens and cries. Whether in a seat or on the couch, you’ll be on the edge!

Available to stream on HBOMax, on 4K/Blu-Ray/DVD, and Digital everywhere

What Happens Next Will Scare You

6. What Happens Next Will Scare You

This one’s a bit of a cheat since it hasn’t officially come out yet, but having watched it on the Nightmares Film fest digital festival circuit, I had to champion it! From the makers of the reality bending found footage frights of The WNUF Halloween Special comes an update for the modern internet age of Creepypasta. Following the skeleton crew of journalists for a clickbait website as they desperately try to scrounge up some genuinely terrifying found footage to pick up clicks. But has what they found from the bowels of the web too real? An inventive take on both found footage and horror anthology, I cannot recommend this one enough for when it’s officially released.


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