Extended Cut of Evil Dead Remake Coming to Blu-ray!

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Written by John Squires

Before he made a killing at the box office with Don’t Breathe, Fede Alvarez first turned his attention to remaking The Evil Dead. Released in 2013, Alvarez’s Evil Dead is unquestionably one of the most downright brutal horror films to hit the big screen in the past decade, and it’s also, in the eyes of many fans (myself included), one of the very best remakes to come along in recent years.

Did you love it? Then you will REALLY love this news.

Speaking with the website Altapeli, Fede Alvarez just dropped the huge news that the extended cut of Evil Dead is headed our way just in time for Halloween. The alternate version of the film, which features many different scenes and reportedly even an alternate ending, has been sought-after by fans since the theatrical cut was released in 2013, but this announcement has nevertheless come totally out of nowhere.

I’ll give you the news exclusively because no one [knows] yet, but the extended cut [of Evil Dead] will be coming out on Blu-ray. It sounds like it will be available just in time for Halloween,” Alvarez told the site.