Experience ASH VS. EVIL DEAD at Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights


Get ready, because we’ve got some exciting news for anyone who has ever felt that Ash vs. Evil Dead is simply just not realistic enough. If you’re one of those primitive screwheads who’s always wanted to really experience that world of Ashley J. Williams, you’ll be able to do just that during Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights this year in both Orlando and Hollywood. Say it with me, people: Groovy.

The Evil Dead haunted house is the latest addition to the seasonal haunted house attraction and will be in good company; a house based on American Horror Story and The Shining will be set up as well. From Forbes:

The Ash vs Evil Dead maze will transport guests into the town of Elk Grove, Michigan, where they will encounter Deadites – people or objects possessed by evil demons – that have been unwittingly unleashed by Ash Williams – again. Throughout the maze, guests will come face-to-face with disturbing characters and iconic comedic and gory scenes from seasons 1 and 2 as they desperately try to escape all things evil… before it’s too late.

The event will run from September 15th through November 4th on select dates, so start your planning now. A teaser video for the attraction can be found below. There’s no word on whether or not chainsaws will be allowed in the maze as of yet – but we can safely assume that the answer will be a strict no, you sadistic freak. Leave those things to the professionals. You’ll poke your eye out, kid! (How many movie quotes do you think I can fit into one news article?)


  1. I just hit the end of my appreciation for being politically correct and bending to everybody being offended by everything when I read an article about a family named Lynch who had donated land for schools in Portland, Oregon about 100 years ago. As a thank you, the schools were named using the family name…Lynch Junior High and Lynch Senior High. Recently somebody decided the word lynch could be “ethnically insulting” and complained. The wussy school board changed the name of the schools because it MIGHT be “a disruption for some students”! It’s time we put a STOP TO THIS MADNESS.

    I enjoy Halloween, but don’t always decorate for it. Because of reading your article, I am getting my family together to plan a GORY Halloween display for my front yard for this year. I will most definitely include zombified baby dolls! We need to stop giving power to people who find EVERYTHING insulting. GO FOR IT with your display! And, I am going to aim my security camera towards the display to catch anybody who thinks it’s their right to mess with my display.


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