Expect Even More Stephen King Adaptations in 2018, According to King Himself


2017 was a monumental year for the already legendary Stephen King, and it looks like this train isn’t slowing down anytime soon.

Last week, in an interview with EW, King revealed that the film rights for nearly every one of his works have been claimed, meaning, yes, you guessed it, even more Stephen King adaptations coming our way in the next couple of years. From the interview:

Well, [film rights] on everything are basically taken. I think just about everything I’ve written was in some kind of development, or under option. I’m not bragging, I’m just…you know. It ain’t bragging if it’s true!

Even newer works, such as Sleeping Beauties, a collaborative piece between King and his son.

There was a big competition for who was going to get that, but I think that was before It dropped. Then there was Mr. Mercedes, and Audience Network renewed that for a second season, which just sort of has happened on its own. I don’t know how to explain it, but it has fed itself.

But maybe the most interesting part of the article is what Stephen King knows – or doesn’t know, for that matter – about the highly anticipated Castle Rock series on Hulu, which is being brought to life by J.J. Abrams.

I’m as much in the dark as anybody else. I don’t know anything about it so I just hope it turns out really well. It must be going okay. It’s typical J.J. There’s been nothing that I’ve seen in the press, or anything, about it.

But given how Abram’s previous King adaptation worked out, I’m not worried the slightest. For those who don’t know, this is in reference to 11.22.63, which may be one of the best television shows of the past couple years. It too is a Hulu original.

There are even more goodies sprinkled throughout the EW interview and is a must-read for just about everyone. Stephen King is a man of many words, and as always, seems pleasant and full of interesting things to say.

Here’s looking forward to another year of The King!

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  1. The only thing coming out in 2018 is “Castle Rock.” Maybe the second season of “Mr. Mercedes.” (And maybe the new “Children of the Corn” sequel, if you count that.)

  2. I’m not the biggest believer in fate, but if I was going to use one person that fate is an actually thing, I’d use Stephen King to support my argument that all of us have a purpose in this life. I say that because of how many authors there are in this world and their lucky to get one book published, not even thinking about a movie deal. And I’m not just talking Horror writers either. I mean here is King (pun intended, oh and coincidence anyone that his last name is KING?) and just about everything he writes is a bestseller and on top of that he’s been doing it consistently for 40+ years! You’d think his luck would run out at some point! Now I’m not saying every novel is great, but just consider the recognition even for his shittiest work. And don’t get me started on the 2017 he’s had! Like I said fate anybody?!?!


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