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Mezco Reveals ‘Exorcist’ Regan Living Dead Doll Coming This Fall!

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Written by Patti Pauley

What an excellent day for a preview look at the upcoming Regan Living Dead Doll. OK, that was a little cheesy, but humor me for a second.

Being a horror news writer, there is one thing that I get stupid excited about when it comes to bringing you your daily dish of dirt here at iHorror- toys. Man, do I love really cool horror toys. I’m an adult, I swear by it. As you can see below, I’m not bull-shitting you by trying to sell a story here. That is indeed just one wall in my home.


Regan Living Dead Doll


Now, I’m sure you didn’t come here to look at my walls and shelves of endless horror action figures, so let’s take a look at why you even bothered to open up this article. Recently at the Mezco annual Toy Fair in New York, the company released a preview of some pretty exciting products coming this year, including new additions to the popular and equally creepy Living Dead Dolls line. One in particular that sure as hell turned my head via The Exorcist Online website, was the Regan Living Dead Doll.


regan living dead doll


Although the company has only released this teaser image of the doll, which is still pending final approval, Mezco states the doll is to be scheduled to be available this Fall for purchase. So trust me, when we get a full look at the final product, we will update you with it along with the official release date.

Other Living Dead Dolls slated for a Fall 2017 release date that we actually have a full-on look at are Alex from Stanley Kubrick’s A Clockwork Orange, and the one and only ghost with the most babe, Beetlejuice.


beetlejuice living dead doll



Are you an avid horror toy collector and lover such as yours truly? If so, these killer collectibles should be on your radar for future purchase, as they’re sure to add some turned heads from visitors to your chamber of horrors. Keep an eye out here at iHorror for official release dates!


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