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Exclusive Trailer for ‘The Sitter’ Teases a Job to Die For

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You know that we here at iHorror love to share some tasty new trailers with you, and this time we’ve got a brand new exclusive. The Sitter is here, so buckle up and prepare for a wild night.

The Sitter trailer surges with a creeping paranoia. The camera is constantly on the move, Dutch tilting and peeking around corners to silently observe the young sitter. It feels invasive – and I love it.

Apparently the film was shot in a real haunted house in Oxfordshire, and I definitely want to go there. The set is evocative and full of atmospheric potential.

The trailer shares plenty of intriguing imagery. We catch a few glimpses of whatever creature is driving this feature, and it certainly has my interest piqued.

With some shades of The House of the Devil mixed with The Boy (because damn, that house is stunning), the trailer for The Sitter urges you to batten down the hatches and get ready for some truly spooky shit.

The plot description is as follows:

Simon Richardson’s blood-curdling spite spookfest The Sitter tells of Charlotte (Aisling Knight), a broke college student who gets a gig to house sit for an eccentric couple for a long weekend. She couldn’t believe how lucky she is. When darkness falls, things start to take a far more sinister turn. Charlotte is unable to shake the feeling that her every move is being watched and it is not long before her worst fears are confirmed — there is something else in the house with her…

Written and directed by Simon Richardson, The Sitter stars Aisling Knight, Richard Kilgour, Jill Buchanan, Samantha Schnitzler, and Bjorn Franklin. This “summer creature feature” comes to us from Wild Eye Releasing, due this June.

Check out the exclusive trailer and poster below!

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