[EXCLUSIVE] ‘The Muffin Man’ is a Gory Throwback to Grindhouse Horror

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Tarantino and Rodriguez may have popularized the whole meta experience by putting fake coming attractions inside actual movies when they released Grindhouse, but Ethan Blum has whipped up something just as sweet with his latest short-disguised-as-a-trailer for The Muffin Man.

You can watch the entire short right here on iHorror.

The Muffin Man is made from a dozen or more real Easter eggs referencing other iconic films and the oh-so-bad dialogue of B-horror movies from three decades ago. Ethan has made a love letter to those who are passionate about practical gore, bad puns and creepy cartoonish villains.

Partially inspired by a past cinematic trend in which horror films incorporated a sing-song nursery rhyme to go with their sadistic monsters, The Muffin Man borrows from a melodic Victorian guessing game.

“I actually came up with the concept of The Muffin Man about ten years ago just thinking about how many horror trailers have some version of ‘creepy kids singing,'” says Ethan who notes Nightmare on Elm St.’s: One. Two. Freddy’s coming for you song as an inspiration. “So I tried to think of a kids song that would be funny, and with The Muffin Man song you get this ready-made character that just works perfectly.”

You also get muffinized versions of monster classics like Hellraiser and Phantasm. Yes, you read that right.

Inspiration also came from Ethan’s childhood where he was fascinated with the frivolous saturation of the genre, a time when even Emmy winning TV actors fought for the chance to be hyperbolic horror movie villains.

“I grew up watching horror from the late 80s-early 90s,” he says, “which I feel like was the beginning of the era where seemingly anything could be made into a horror villain like Ice Cream Man, The Dentist, Uncle Sam, and one of the biggest Muffin Man inspirations – Dr. Giggles.”

Needless to say with all this talent and inspiration, The Muffin Man gets it right even down to hair and makeup. And during its award-winning festival tour there is one bloody scene that kept festival audiences talking for hours afterward.

iHorror has your exclusive first-look at The Muffin Man, so get ready to take one horrific trip down Drury Lane.

The Muffin Man is directed by Ethan Blum, with SFX Supervisor, Mr. Dead. Hair and makeup by Alan Rowe Kelly and VFX by Joe Fennimore.

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