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Exclusive: Ricky Caldwell to Return in True Silent Night, Deadly Night Part 2 Sequel?

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Holiday horror franchise Silent Night, Deadly Night is a very unusual one, as most of the sequels have very little to do with the original story. In Part 2, a direct continuation, Billy’s brother Ricky went on a killing spree of his own, and the film is often considered to be one of the ‘best worst’ movies in horror history.

It was Eric Freeman who played Ricky Caldwell in Silent Night, Deadly Night Part 2, and after years of silence about the film, he recently came out of hiding and started to embrace it. In fact, he’s embracing it so fully that he just wrote a script to a “true” follow-up to the first sequel, which will bring Ricky back to life.

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Last week, Freeman uploaded a video to YouTube where he’s oddly disguised and using the pseudonym Damon Michaels, and in it he’s seen flipping through the script for Silent Night, Deadly Night: Ricky Unhinged. He remarks that it’s a great script, all the while pretending he’s not Eric Freeman.

The body count is off the charts, the action, the story… you’ll love it,” says Freeman. “Eric is presently shopping this great script, and I sure as heck hope it gets made.”

At one point, the camera zooms in on the first page of the script, and by freeze-framing the shot we learned more about the sequel…

“This story was written as a natural progression of the character Ricky Caldwell from 1987’s Silent Night, Deadly Night 2. That movie came to a climax with a bloody carnage-laden rampage and the death of Mother Superior and Ricky Caldwell being shot. Twenty five years have elapsed and Caldwell is a patient at Waverly Psychiatric Hospital. He is seemingly normal, but things quickly go awry when a body is found in Caldwell’s room. This script can be a sequel to SNDN 2 or as a standalone movie with no tie-in whatsoever. Obviously, there is a monetary advantage of having a huge built-in fan base from the cult hit movie.”

Over in the Finding Freeman Facebook group, which was dedicated to tracking down Freeman when he couldn’t be found, filmmaker Scott Pearlman notes that he read the script, and says it’s “better than it has any right to be.” Pearlman is a reliable source, as he’s currently working on a documentary about Freeman.

Eric put a lot of care into it creating a very logical and satisfying way for Ricky to return and evolve,” said Pearlman. “It’s not a slasher film per se which may turn hardcore fans off but it truly respects the character and takes him in a different direction while paying homage to what came before. If I had to describe it its like a blend of North By North West and the Fugitive fused with Death Wish and set in the Silent Night, Deadly Night universe. It’s also hyper violent, which is a must have of course.”

Who knows if Silent Night, Deadly Night: Ricky Unhinged will ever actually come to life, but here’s hoping. You can check out Eric Freeman’s strange announcement video below.

[youtube id=”Ck6uydiYwH0″]

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