Exclusive: Opening Scene of ‘Hell House LLC II – The Abaddon Hotel’

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The 2016 sleeper horror hit Hell House LLC is getting a sequel and iHorror has the exclusive opening scene for fans who have waited to journey back into the dark haunted hallways of the Abaddon Hotel.

There aren’t many details on the follow-up aptly titled Hell House LLC II – The Abaddon Hotel, but writer/director Stephen Cognetti is back and we can expect to explore more of the same creepy mystery that surrounds the annual interactive haunt in Rockland County, New York that took 15 lives in 2009.

Terror Films – “Hell House LLC II – The Abaddon Hotel”

In the first film, we meet a team of haunted house creators who are determined to make their attraction the scariest ever made. They document their progress via camera footage and in doing so capture supernatural events that lead to the aforementioned tragedy.

It is this footage that helps filmmaker Diane Graves gain insight into what really happened that fateful night as she develops her own documentary about the mysterious deaths.

Terror Films – “Hell House LLC II – The Abaddon Hotel”

Hell House LLC became a successful streaming title upon its release and garnered numerous positive reviews from global mainstream and niche media outlets. Distributor Terror Films knew the chance it was taking in putting forth another found-footage film, but viewers loved the concept so much it became one of their biggest success stories, rocketing the title into cult status.

“Hell House LLC II – The Abaddon Hotel” – Terror Films

Recently, there were only rumors about a sequel; the official Facebook page has been teasing fans about it since October 2017. Terror Films has confirmed that the sequel has officially wrapped, but any other details about the film have been kept secret.

There is no release date set for Hell House LLC II – The Abaddon Hotel and details including the official poster art and trailer will be announced at a later date.

For now, watch the opening scene exclusively given to iHorror below and prepare yourself for the next chapter in Hell House LLC.

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