Exclusive: MondoCon 5 is Bringing the ‘Blight’ and ‘Plague’… Tiki Mugs

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MondoCon is fast approaching! In fact, this Sept. 14 and 15 MondoCon 5 is officially going down in Austin, TX. As we get closer to the date, we are seeing more exclusive goodies that are going to be for sale at the art behemoth. In anticipation, we have a very rad Becky Cloonan exclusive we wanted to share with you guys.

These completely mesmerizing Designer Series Tiki Mugs will be available at MondCon 5 and we are beyond in love with both.

“This mug was inspired by a Latin funerary inscription on a Roman gravestone dating back to the 5th century AD,” Cloonan said.

‘Not splendor nor riches,
But tranquility of spirit and body
Is provided here.’

Sculpted by Mike Bonanno and Tufan Sezer these beautiful glazes stand 7” tall and can hold 22oz of your favorite potion.

Part Sedlec Ossuary and part Catholic candle and entirely up our alley, these Cloonan designs debut at and are exclusive to MondoCon. Both ‘Blight’ and ‘Plague’ editions are limited to 300 each and are priced at $50.

MondoCon 2019, a celebration of everything Mondo loves – movies, art, music, games, toys, collectibles, food, and beer – takes place September 14 & 15 at the Palmer Event Center in downtown Austin. See below for the press release announcing MondoCon 2019 programming, artist, exhibitors and more! 

For more information on how to attend MondCon, head over yonder.

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Splendor & Riches Designer Series Tiki Mug by Becky Cloonan
MondoCon Exclusive Glazes:
– Blight (white) Edition size 300 SRP $50 (plus tax) 
– Plague (black) Edition size 300 SRP $50 (plus tax)
The Blight and Plague variants are the debut of this mug design, and are exclusive to Mondocon


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