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EXCLUSIVE: Mondo Announces Edmiston’s EYES WITHOUT A FACE 2

by Trey Hilburn III

Our wallets are still in the healing process from Mondo’s latest Universal Monsters show. But healing be damned, that ain’t gonna stop another amazing Mondo Gallery announcement from hitting our ear and eye holes.

Artist, Jason Edmiston is back with a bit of a gallery sequel in the shape of Eyes Without A Face 2, you guys.


Over the years Edmiston’s astounding, trademark work has given us an up-close look at some of our favorite genre peepers. From Pennywise the Clown, to Bruce the Shark all have been equally jaw-dropping. We are super excited to get a first look at two pairs of eyes from the upcoming show, with a look at our girl Carrie, and that lovable Prawn from District 9.

Eyes Without a Face 2 will feature one hundred new acrylic paintings as well as trademark preliminary pencils from our favorite corners of beloved pop culture. These delving and soulful eyes will be proportionate to the characters they are based on, ranging from the itsy bitsy to a gargantuan. Edmiston will also feature his largest painting yet, in a six month piece of badassery that measures out at eight and a half feet tall, and 22 feet long.

“I’ve always appreciated the challenge of capturing the essence of a character with just the bare essentials, and most of the time it comes down the eyes. The expression of a subject correctly captured can breed emotion in the viewer, and subtleties can imply volumes. Keeping with the series, these portraits are all cropped to a 3:1 landscape ratio, as if you’re viewing these characters through a slot in a door to an exclusive club. I’m sure folks that attend the show will find it to be my most arresting gallery experience to date. Eyes will surround you in 360 degrees, and possibly overwhelm as they stare back at you. I’m working hard to make sure attendees will have a visceral reaction and really enjoy the experience,”

You can check out Edmiston’s show for yourself when it arrives at Austin’s Mondo Gallery Feb. 9-17.

The Mondo Gallery is located at 4115 Guadalupe Street in Austin, TX.


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