"Primal Rage"

This month iHorror got the chance to see special effects master Patrick Magee’s directorial debut Primal Rage. Needless to say, we loved it, and think you will too.

Don’t let the premise turn you away from this suspenseful and bloody film which uses master class practical effects to an effective degree.

The film starts as a recently reunited couple drive home through the lush forests of the Northern California landscape.

They are broadsided by a bloody human carcass which leads to a foot pursuit by a giant simian creature known to locals as the Oh-Mah, or what we would call Bigfoot.

Part Wrong Turn, part Predator, Primal Rage is an exciting thriller with plenty of blood and guts, especially when a hunting team of local yokels are picked off one-by-one at the hands, feet and arrows of the woodland beast.

Primal Rage will have a one night only screening on Tuesday, February 27, at a theater near you.

iHorror has an exclusive clip for our readers, take a look: