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‘Evil Dead’ TV Series Emerging from the Fruit Cellar!

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Evil Dead

Hannibal. Bates Motel. From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series. The Omen.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that TV series’ based on popular horror movies have taken over where remakes are beginning to leave off, and we can be pretty damn sure that those aforementioned shows are merely the tip of the trend’s iceberg.

Case in point; at the San Diego Comic Con, Sam Raimi just announced that he and Bruce Campbell are actively developing/writing a TV series based on the Evil Dead franchise. Yep, an Evil Dead TV series. Can’t say we saw that one coming!

For now, Raimi is remaining tight-lipped about the series, not revealing whether it will follow the remake’s continuity, be its own thing or maybe – just maybe – be more in line with the original franchise that he kicked off back in 1981.

My prediction? The character of Ash will likely be nowhere in sight, with the series having a whole lot more to do with the remake than any of the films Campbell starred in. It’s possible that we’ll get a cameo, or at least references to the original trilogy, but I’m thinking it’d be fairly foolish to expect Campbell to reprise the role in any major capacity.

Hopes, which are far different than predictions? Would love to see S-Mart play a prominent role in the series, with Campbell working at the store – as Ash – and popping up for frequent appearances. Would be awesome if the series brings the continuities of the original franchise and the remake franchise together, paving the way for a big screen movie that FINALLY marks the return of Ash.

For now, we wait. And hope. And keep our fingers crossed!

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