‘Evil Dead: The Musical’ Brings Deadites, Boomsticks And Gore to San Antonio

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Deadites are getting ready to invade The Cameo Theatre in San Antonio, TX. Not just regular old Deadites. These are the kind that love to swallow souls and belt out tune or two.

Evil Dead: The Musical arrives Oct. 2 and is going to bring more of the blood-soaked, broomstick weilding, Necronomicon driven goodness that fans of The Evil Dead trilogy love.

The story for those who are unlucky enough to not know what The Evil Dead is, follows Ash and a group of youngsters who head out to a cabin in the woods, to have a good time and maybe get some sugar. They stumble upon an ancient book of the dead and unintentionally unleash powerful Candarian demons who intend to make certain the group is dead by dawn.

Well these screwhead demons didn’t count on the fact that Ash,one of the baddest motherfuckers in the world, has other ideas and intends to put a boomstick and chainsaw in their sinister plans.

The musical is filled with all the best moments from the film, including hand dismemberment, pervy trees that just don’t take no for an answer and gallons and gallons and gallons of blood.

Gallons of blood will be used at Evil Dead The Musical

“We have 330 gallons of fake blood to throw on the audience and average about 30 gallons a night.” Jonathan Pennington, Evil Dead: The Musical, actor and producer said.

Those lucky enough to get tickets to the first few rows at the show, are the ones lucky enough to get totally covered in all the fake blood that is constantly being sprayed onstage.

The musical numbers really do go perfectly with the tongue-in-cheek nature of the films. Songs like “What The Fuck Was That,” and “Blow That Bitch Away!” are genuinely hilarious and are complete with Ash in full gear, holding a chainsaw and broomstick in classic Campbell poses.

“The trees might feel better, ask Cheryl, but the cutting off your hand is more gratifying and epic.” Pennington said, when asked if he would rather be faced with the pervy demon trees or cutting off his own hand with a chainsaw.

Evil Dead is a fan-favorite and something that is sacred in the genre. Bruce Campbell and Sam Raimi really did manage to create some magic sorcery that no other team would have been capable of pulling off. So how hard was it to play a character as iconic as Ash?

Pennington humbly replied, “I study the legend himself, Bruce Campbell. He is my hero and I want to do him justice. It is a dream of mine to meet him. I think he would be happy with the show.”

Evil Dead: The Musical runs at the Cameo Theatre in San Antonio, TX from Oct. 2 to Oct 31. For more information and tickets, got to cameocenter.com. Use promo code “deadite” for a $10 discount off adult ticket price.