Thanks to makeup effects legend Greg Nicotero, who executive produces, we’ve gotten some pretty awesome horror homages over the years on The Walking Dead, with several of the show’s walkers looking quite similar to those from our favorite zombie movies.

In the recent past, everyone from Day of the Dead‘s Bub to An American Werewolf in London‘s Jack have popped up for brief blink-and-miss-it cameos, and last night’s episode may have featured one of the coolest little hidden treats of all…

Around 12-minutes into the episode, titled ‘Them,’ Rick and the gang came across a horde of walkers on a bridge, deciding to simply toss them off the side. At the head of the pack was a zombie wearing a blue button-down shirt, similar to the one worn by the genre’s most badass hero.

Though it hasn’t yet been confirmed as an intended homage, this particular zombie looked a hell of a lot like Ash from Evil Dead 2, in his possessed ‘Deadite’ form. It would only make sense that this was intentional, as Nicotero was on the iconic film’s makeup effects crew.

Check out the zombie in question below, side-by-side with ‘Deadite Ash’ from Evil Dead 2. Doesn’t get much cooler than this!


Deadite Ash

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