‘Evil Dead 2013:’ Sam Raimi Still Wants to Make a Sequel

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Evil Dead creator Sam Raimi has made it known that he’s currently working with an up and coming filmmaker on a new Evil Dead project. Of course, he did this once before, when Fede Alvarez directed an Evil Dead remake back in 2013, which proved popular.

That’s rare in the horror genre, where fans often react with disgust at another remake coming down the pike. Of course, it helps that Alvarez didn’t just copy Raimi, instead creating his own characters and inventing new ways for them to die gory deaths.

Evil Dead (2013) was a huge hit, making nearly $100 million worldwide on a budget of $17 million. For years, fans have asked for, and Alvarez himself has teased a potential sequel to the remake. Unfortunately, it’s never happened, for reasons not entirely clear.

It’s certainly not due to Sam Raimi, as during a recent Reddit AMA, Raimi made it clear that he’d love to make a sequel, provided Alvarez writes and/or directs it. He also said he’d still like to direct a fourth Evil Dead film if Bruce Campbell would un-retire as Ash.

That makes it sound like Fede Alvarez is the party holding up his own sequel, which is a bit surprising. He’s only directed two films since 2013, so it’s not like his schedule should preclude his involvement. It’s possible he just doesn’t have a script he likes yet.