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Every New Horror Movie on Tubi Coming This Month (Dec. 2020)

by Curt Fiers
Best Horror Movies on Tubi - 28 Weeks Later

When it comes to the “streaming wars,” we typically only think of the big players. While Amazon, Netflix and Hulu no doubt rule the yard, though, the new horror movies on Tubi this month prove that the free service is nipping at the big dogs’ heels. If you’re anything like me, you’ll wonder how Tubi even gets away with being free after reading this list.

Here’s a quick review followed by more in-depth descriptions of each film:

  • A Nightmare on Elm Street
  • Bent
  • Beyond the Woods
  • Down a Dark Hall
  • 28 Weeks Later
  • Eat Brains Love
  • Reasonable Doubt
  • Anaconda
  • Red Riding Hood

A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984)

Best Horror Movies on Tubi - Nightmare on Elm Street

Freddy Krueger certainly didn’t start the slasher movement, but he may well be the most well-known among its characters. Of the many horror movies on Tubi, the true story behind Freddy is the most terrifying. If you didn’t know Nightmare on Elm Street was based on a true story, though, there’s no need to start worrying now. The movie is a far cry from reality.

Regardless of where Freddy falls on the slasher timeline or how true his story is, the fact remains that this is an epic film. There are plenty of subpar horror movies on Tubi, but Nightmare on Elm Street proves that they’ve got an abundance of crowd-pleasers as well.

Bent (2018) – starting 12/17

Even though Bent is more of a crime thriller than horror, the film still demands at least one watch. It stars Karl Urban – whose The Boys co-star Jack Quaid just landed in the new Scream film – playing a former cop following a suspicious murder case. Rogue agents, government conspiracies and undercover spies abound in the film.

This might not fully meet the definition of a horror movie on Tubi, but the murders, tension and thriller nature equate to a stellar film. And if nothing else, you get to see two of the most aesthetically pleasing stars out there. Karl Urban and Sofia Vergara on the same screen? Come on!

Best Horror Movie on Tubi: Beyond the Woods (2016)

While Beyond the Woods might not be the best horror movie on Tubi, it certainly tops the list in December 2020. This is obviously a subjective opinion, but the film has a Rotten Tomatoes Audience Score of 90 percent. Even though there’s no critical consensus yet, over 110 ratings from the audience can’t be wrong.

Here is the simple synopsis:

“A gathering of friends is thrown into chaos by the opening of a mysterious fiery sinkhole near their secluded holiday home.”

With a runtime of just over 90 minutes, this isn’t the biggest time commitment you could make. And when you consider its stellar performance on Rotten Tomatoes, there’s a good chance it won’t be time wasted. Definitely check it out when you have a moment!

Down a Dark Hall (2018)

Uma Thurman stars alongside AnnaSophia Robb in Down a Dark Hall. While it’s not the best horror movie on Tubi this month, the story is compelling enough to justify at least one viewing. If you think about it, the film kind of mirrors Harry Potter. Just in a far creepier way and without the safety net of the good guys having magic powers.

Read the synopsis and see if you agree:

“A troubled teen named Kit Gordy is forced to join the exclusive Blackwood Boarding School, just to find herself trapped by dark forces around its mysterious headmistress, Madame Duret.”

You might miss the cheesiness of the monstrous Voldemort in this film, but Down a Dark Hall still creates its own “wizarding world.” Even if its pleasures are fleeting and temporary – as described on Roger Ebert’s website – they’re still worth enjoying.

Best Zombie Horror Movie on Tubi: 28 Weeks Later (2007)

Best Horror Movies on Tubi - 28 Weeks Later

If you haven’t yet seen 28 Weeks Later, it’s the first horror movie on Tubi you need to watch in December. It easily outshines Beyond the Woods as the best film on the service this month, but we would’ve been remiss to not include a “Best Zombie Movie” category. The original film in the series is a zombie classic, and the sequel certainly does the predecessor justice.

Most movies based on the living dead take place in America. Well, at least the ones we get to see in America. The 28 Days Later franchise takes us to the U.K. While this might not seem like a huge deal, it shows us a world where the dead rise in an island nation. We get to see the rest of the world ignore what’s going on while English citizens deal with a confined apocalypse.

If you only watch one horror movie on Tubi this month, 28 Weeks Later should probably be it.

Eat Brains Love (2019)

If we’re going purely by IMDb rankings, Eat Brains Love came very close to being the worst horror movie on Tubi in December. It was only defeated by one film, and you’ll understand why when we get to that listing. Until then, here’s the synopsis of the cleverly-titled film:

“When Jake and his dream girl, Amanda, contract a mysterious zombie virus, they end up on the run from Cass, a teen psychic sent by the government’s top-secret Necrotic Control Division to track them down as they search for a cure.”

Yeah, there’s a lot going on there. With a 4.9 ranking on IMDB, it’s probably not the worst horror film you’ve ever seen. And when you think about the classics that have received low ratings, there’s a chance that Eat Brains Love could be great. Don’t bet any money on that potentiality, but don’t be scared to take a chance on this one either.

Reasonable Doubt (2014)

While this one may also be more of a crime thriller, Reasonable Doubt certainly shares many of the same elements of the best horror movies on Tubi. A prosecutor is involved in a hit-and-run accident that kills a person, and another man is arrested for the crime. The guilty prosecutor manipulates the system to ensure the accused man is acquitted.

Everyone wins, right? Not so much. Turns out the accused really was a guilty man. In fact, he’s much worse than he would’ve been if guilty of the crime in question. There’s a lot going on in this movie, and if nothing else appeals to you, one of the main stars will. Samuel L. Jackson. Come on, that alone makes this film worth a watch.

Worst Horror Movie on Tubi: Anaconda (1997)

Horror Movies on Tubi - Lopez in Anaconda

Remember when we said Eat Brains Love was almost the worst horror movie on Tubi this month? Well, Anaconda is the film that beat it out. There are no doubt people who love this movie, and with a young Jennifer Lopez and hardcore cameraman Ice Cube, one might think greatness was imminent. Unfortunately, that’s not how it turned out.

To be fair, though, its IMDb ranking is just one point below Eat Brains Love. So if you’re giving one a chance, you might as well give the other one as well. If you’ve already seen the movie and wonder if it’s gotten better over time, though, rest assured that the answer is “no.”

Red Riding Hood (2011)

As one of the better horror movies on Tubi this month, Red Riding Hood stands out for its uniqueness. While several films and stories have delved into the potential horror aspect of the old fairy tale, this one takes a more dark and realistic twist. Check out the synopsis:

“Set in a medieval village that is haunted by a werewolf, a young girl falls for an orphaned woodcutter, much to her family’s displeasure.” 

One thing to note, though, is that IMDb and Rotten Tomatoes vary greatly on their opinion of this movie. The latter ranks it as 5.5 – respectable for a horror movie – but the former has a critic score of only 10 percent. This means you’re taking a chance here, but when it comes to great horror, aren’t we always?

What Horror Movies on Tubi Are Coming Next?

While this is definitely an impressive lineup, keep in mind that these are just the newest horror movies on Tubi this month. The streaming service has a massive existing library of scary flicks ranging from flat-out ridiculous to award-worthy. Bookmark this article since we’ll be updating the list monthly, and let us know what you think in the comments!

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