Actor Ethan Embry did a reddit AMA yesterday, and in responding to several different questions, he expressed his love for Cheap Thrills, one of last year’s best, which probably hasn’t been seen by nearly enough people.

His enthusiasm for the film was really on display when someone asked him what projects of his he felt flew under the radar. His response was, “CHEAP THRILLS, CHEAP THRILLS, CHEAP THRILLS, CHEAP THRILLS, CHEAP THRILLS, CHEAP THRILLS, CHEAP THRILLS, CHEAP THRILLS.”

In response to a question about directors he likes to work with, he had nothing but good to say about Cheap Thrills director E.L. Katz:

I find it a lot of fun lately taking the risks on the new guys, like I had no idea that Evan Katz would be as good of a director as he was. And being able to be a part of his first project is really special. That being said, you also end up making a couple turds that way. But I think it’s worth the risk. Because they’re also taking a risk with me. I think that it’s not guaranteed how well I’m gonna perform either, so it’s only fair, you know?

Embry has appeared in a fair amount of genre titles over the years. Beyond Cheap Thrills, fans have also seen him in The Prophecy II, Disturbing Behavior, Freakylinks, Incident On and Off a Mountain Road (Don Coscarelli’s Season 1 Masters of Horror entry), Vacancy, Fear Itself, and more recently, The Guest and Late Phases.

While he’s currently on the Netflix show Grace and Frankie, which just got renewed for a second season and has a new western called Echoes of War out on VOD, he wants to be involved with more Cheap Thrills-esque projects, and that sounds good to me!

One reddit user asked him, “Do you have any plans to do any more dark comedies like Cheap Thrills again? I just think it suits you extremely well.”

Embry responded:




I just don’t think projects like that are written very often? There was a little bit of magic with that one, that it miraculously managed to hit the exact right note between comedy and grotesque. That doesn’t happen very often. It’s so easy to tip the scale to just pointless, or not go far enough. It’s a really – I think that that movie, 20 years from now, will still be enjoyed, and remembered, because it really does dance that fine line, you know?

Ok, filmmakers, you get the projects going and track down Embry!

Embry also appeared on Most Craved in which he mentioned that he auditioned for the original IT miniseries. I’m not sure which character he read for. To get an idea of what he looked like back then, here’s a still of him from Dutch:


I can see him as an Eddie, a Bill, or maybe a Stan. What do you think?