Escape Room

The early months of each year have a bit of a reputation as Hollywood’s dumping ground, where studios throw movies they don’t have much confidence in. More and more though, that perception is largely unfounded.

For instance, January’s Escape Room ended up being quite fun. Nobody is arguing that it was a perfect film, and an R-rating might’ve helped, but all in all it was a really good time at the movies. Score another hit for Blumhouse.

Escape Room made well over $100 million on a small budget, so a direct sequel is already slated to arrive next year, on April 17th to be exact. In the meantime though, Escape Room releases on Blu-Ray/DVD this April 23rd.

As reported by Bloody Disgusting, Sony’s Escape Room Blu-Ray/DVD release includes some interesting extras, including alternate opening and ending sequences, multiple featurettes, and a further selection of deleted scenes.

For those who can’t wait for physical media, Escape Room’s digital HD release is on April 9th. Personally, I always prefer Blu-Ray. Nothing against streaming, it’s really great, but the quality just isn’t equal to disc quite yet.

Next month is gonna be a lot of fun for horror fans. In addition to Escape Room hitting home video, the Pet Sematary remake comes out in theaters, as does Warner Bros.’ The Curse of La Llorona and a reboot of Hellboy.