Sony Pictures’ Escape Room drops on Blu-Ray and DVD today with special features as action-packed as the film itself.

Directed by Adam Robitel, the film tells the story of six strangers trapped in a mysterious and deadly escape room where survival is the only real goal. The film did very well at the box office and a sequel is already in development to carry the story forward.

This home media release is perfect for fans of the film who want to see a bit more about how the film was created with four featurettes and several deleted scenes including an alternate opening and ending.

“Game, Sets, Match” focuses specifically on how the rooms were brought to life with production designer Edward Thomas discussing the realities of creating these layered, textured sets.

“The Lone Survivors” brings the actors to the foreground to discuss characterization, background, and the fact that because of the way the sets were designed, they had to do a lot of the stunts themselves. This was an aspect they all seemed to enjoy as they were able to fully realize their characters even in some of the most “dangerous” moments.

This particular feature also gives us glimpses into the training they went through in order to do those stunts including a group trip to a rock climbing wall to prepare for the upside down billiard room.

Escape Room

The third and fourth featurette, “Would You Ever Parts 1 & 2” asks the cast and crew if they had ever or would they consider going through an escape room based on their experiences in the film.

The deleted scenes take us father into the background of each of the characters, though it’s interesting that even here very little is available about Deborah Ann Woll’s character. Perhaps, she was meant to be a bit more of an enigma all along, or all of what we were meant to learn about her military service and background was already included in the film.

What I found most interesting here was the alternate opening and endings. That opening definitely would have given too much away, but I almost feel like the alternate ending would have given the story a more cohesive ending.

Also, for fans of Robitel, himself, if you look closely, you’ll spot him in a cameo appearance in one of the deleted scenes!

Sony keeps the special features tight and intercuts interviews with a lot of cool behind the scenes action with actors maneuvering the sets, rehearsing, and performing some of their own heavily guarded stunt work.

These scenes highlight the obstacles of shooting in a room that is seemingly completely enclosed, and gives viewers a real idea of the intensity of this shoot.

If I had one criticism for this Blu-Ray/DVD release, it’s the same I’ve had for every home media release for years, now. I’m the guy who will sit through an hour and a half movie and then will gladly sit through another two hours of special features, and while those included here are great, I found myself wanting more.

Still, they are well worth the price of the Blu-Ray and DVD and the movie itself is one that took so many pains in attention to detail that there is something new to see in every viewing.

You can pick up a copy of Escape Room today, April 23, 2019, via Amazon and in physical retailers nationwide.