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These Creepy Horror Dolls Are Ready to Swallow Your Soul

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Dolls are inherently creepy. There’s something about those blank staring little faces that you just can’t trust. The soulless unblinking eyes, the permanent subtle smile… there’s something about them that just seems sinister, like they’re about to come to life and discover an affinity for murder.

If dolls already make you nervous, these ones are next level. Finely crafted by some very talented artists, each doll has an aura of absolute horror about them. If they had a voice, they’d screech “I’ll swallow your soul“.

You cannot deny the skill of the artists that create these masterpieces. It requires a creative and twisted mind to come up with the design, and a steady hand to execute the detailed process. And when it comes to the creep factor, their work is impressively effective.

So, please enjoy these beautifully crafted nightmare machines!

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Creepy toys are the best toys 💀

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