Thanksgiving Slasher ‘Home Sweet Home’ is Pure 80s Schlock

Timothy RawlesHoliday HorrorLeave a Comment

This past October horror fans probably got the biggest holiday gift they could ask for in 2018; a direct sequel to the original Halloween, called…Halloween.

The original came out in 1978 and with its indie rags-to-riches success many dollar store knock-offs cropped up in the years to follow.

Take this one called Home Sweet Home (1981) which in my opinion culls its name from Michael Myers famous tagline “The night he came home.”

Even more similarly the movie Xerox’s the “maniac on the loose during a holiday” trope because it takes place on Thanksgiving.

Oh and instead of a masked killer, this one is played open-faced by fitness guru Jake Steinfeld (Body by Jake).

The movie wasn’t allowed to play in the UK due to the “video nasty” panic, but for pure Z-grade 80s video slashers, it’s definitely worth a couch roasting among friends.

This slasher is also a rarity in that it was directed by a woman. Take a look at the trailer below then watch the low-grade full version on YouTube just below that.

Full movie: