SyFy Teases New Details for Future ‘Channel Zero’ Seasons

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SyFy’s creepypasta-based anthology series “Channel Zero” will be returning with its second season in October. After the success of “Candle Cove,” Season 2 will focus on “No-End House,” Brian Russell’s story about a haunted attraction with increasingly disturbing rooms. Margo (Amy Forsyth from “Defiance”) finds her reality changing as the progresses from room to room.

Before the second season has even premiered, SyFy has shared details on Seasons 3 and 4. It’s not entirely clear which story Season 3 is based on, but the title will be “Staircases.” Here’s the synopsis, according to Screen Rant:

Channel Zero season 3 will be titled Staircases and focus on a young cop who finds it hard to live up to his father’s example, despite his strong sense of justice and community spirit. The character’s contact with a young woman with mental illness will act as the catalyst for the horror elements to fall into place, in the story.

“Staircases” will star Brandon Scott from “Blair Witch” and Holland Roden from “Teen Wolf.”

Season 4 will be titled “Hidden Door,” based on the story, “I’ve Found a Hidden Door in My Cellar.” There’s no casting information for Season 4 so far.

In the meantime, check out the trailer for Season 2, which will premier in October:

Image source: SyFy

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