David Lynch’s horror masterpiece Eraserhead turns 40 this week.  Eraserhead is such an influential movie on the horror genre as it has been since its’ release and still holds up to this day.  It became an instant cult classic and a must own for any horror fanatic.

David Lynch is a master of the horror genre and his mind can be a truly disturbing place to be.  Eraserhead is not an easy movie to watch, it touches on a lot of sensitive themes and subjects.  40 years down the road Eraserhead is still disturbing and relevant to this day.  Check out the trailer here to get a taste of what David Lynch is capable of bringing to the table.


For those who have yet to see Eraserhead it follows Henry as he finds out that his girlfriend has given birth to a terribly deformed child.  The rest of the film follows Henry as he attempts to care for his deformed child and the dark thoughts that start to creep into his head.  To say anything more would spoil the masterpiece that is Eraserhead.

First time viewers should know that it is a body horror flick as well as a surrealist one.  So going in expect plenty of disturbing visuals and unsettling gore.  The first moments are still easily the strangest opening scene for a movie that I have ever had the *ahem* pleasure to sit through.

The body horror genre has been around for several years, and gaining more popularity with audiences, but it was the work of David Lynch that helped to cement it as it’s own genre of horror.  David Lynch’s work with body and surrealist horror has led to him becoming a master of the genre, not only as a director but as a writer as well.

In short if you have never seen Eraserhead or any of David Lynch’s work before do yourself a favor and track them down, it will be worth the hunt.