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Entire Resident Evil Series Getting Steelbook Blu-Ray Reissues

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When it comes to successful horror franchises, there are few that tend to draw more divisive reactions than Resident Evil. Often criticized for bearing little resemblance to the plot and style of the video game series that inspired it, the Resident Evil series is largely the brainchild of Paul W.S. Anderson (Event Horizon). In addition to directing four of the soon to be six entries in the franchise, Anderson has also written the screenplays for all six of them. Milla Jovovich – Anderson’s wife – also stars as lead hero Alice, a character not found in the games.

Despite the vocal amount of detractors the Resident Evil movies have drawn, each entry has proven to be a massive financial hit, earning nine figure returns on 8 figure investments. With Resident Evil: The Final Chapter – the latest and purportedly last installment – set to arrive in theaters on January 27th, Sony and Best Buy have teamed up to offer series fans a fun line of collector’s items.

All five prior Resident Evil films are getting shiny steelbook Blu-Ray reissues on January 17th, available exclusively at Best Buy. Each steelbook will run those interested a cool $17.99, but will also come complete with $7.50 in Movie Cash for the new film, which is a free matinee ticket right there in most markets. One assumes that anyone willing to shell out for steelbooks has plans to see The Final Chapter in theaters, so when the Movie Cash is taken into account, each reissued Blu-Ray works out to a quite economical $10.49.

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