This Enormous Pennywise Animatronic Will Give You Nightmares!

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Hey, you there, have you seen last year’s theatrical adaptation of Stephen King’s IT, directed by Andy Muschietti? Judging by the $700 million in box office receipts the film earned, you statistically probably have.

One of the coolest aspects of IT (2017) was definitely Bill Skarsgard’s portrayal of Pennywise the Dancing Clown, arguably King’s greatest villain of all time. In fact, many fans were left wishing he had received even more screen time.

It’ll be quite a while before Skarsgard’s killer clown heads back to theaters for IT: Chapter 2 – coming September 6th, 2019 – but fans can get a little fresh IT action with the awesome new enormous Pennywise animatronic featured below.

Created by the company Unit 70, it was unveiled at this weekend’s Transworld event, which is a convention for the Halloween and haunted house industries. While clearly not based on a look Pennywise actually sported in the film, it is still bone-chillingly terrifying.

Holy shit! That thing is what nightmares are made of, am I right? It’s hard to decide what’s worse, the strange roars emitted by Pennywise’s giant beast form or the helpless screams from little animatronic arm-less Georgie.

One wonders what that incarnation of Pennywise is based on. Could it be concept art that wasn’t used? Designs for the sequel? Whatever the inspiration was, whoever created that monstrosity deserves a huge raise.

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