Embarrassing Totals for ‘Amityville’ Opening


Andrés Muschietti’s It may be celebrating stellar sales at the box office this month, but there is one film that has not been receiving the same prosperity.

Amityville: The Awakening is the tenth movie in the series which began in 1979. Awakening was actually filmed back in 2014 but due to delay after delay, it wasn’t released until last Friday to only 10 theaters, raking in a measly $742: that’ $74 per theater!

SlashFilm.com actually did the math and reports that about 83 people nationwide saw the movie.

Furthering its walk of shame, Google Play offered the movie for free earlier this month.

As horror fans we could chalk up the cold box office to non-genre fans who, more often than not, reign supreme over tickets sales.

But that excuse doesn’t hold water especially this year. Get OutAnnabelle: Creation, It, even Jigsaw enjoyed robust ticket sales this weekend.

Even sadder, is that this a direct sequel to the original series, not low-budget horror fodder that uses “Amityville” in the title as VOD chum.

Amityville: The Awakening hits Blu-ray, DVD, and digital HD on November 14, 2017, in case you want to see if it deserves all the bad luck.


  1. 1. It wasn’t advertised anywhere so no one knew it was even coming out
    2. It came out in 10 theaters.. they could have been small town theaters that get barely any customers for all we know
    I for one didn’t even know this was coming out. I knew about the many delays and that it was supposed to come out this year or maybe the next, but I never saw any ads or trailers or anything.

  2. How wrote this article a moron? 10 Theaters not even a nationwide release! Like Nicolas said didn’t even know this movie was coming out! Hey Tim did you see this movie yet or you basing your review on how much this movie made. And if you read your own article u wrote it comes on DVD in three weeks, so maybe releasing it 10 places is what they meant to do. Back to flipping hamburgers at McDonalds for you.

  3. I saw it on Google play it was pretty bad but I mean not all the Amityville movies had exactly been winners but this one was way off the mark I’m pretty sure whoever seen this movie understands as much as I do why it wasn’t really released as much as it was passed around….

  4. Not a review. “Nationwide” is how many people saw it in the US over the weekend. Only flip channels for a living, never burgers. But I thank those who do!

  5. Really Amityville 10? I’m surprised there were that many who saw it. Sure there are sequels and remakes, some better than others, but to try and cash in on a tired old cow like the Amityville franchise, come on. I’d rather watch paint dry.
    Here’s a thought, try putting out a movie with an original plot, or great characters, or even a new monster. But, please bury these tired d franchises. I won’t watch a Halloween 12, a Friday the 13th XV
    or another stupid Chucky movie.

  6. I’d be willing to wager the extremely limited release was to solely fulfill SAG contracts that require the film to be released in theaters. Some films even goes as far as to rent out ONE theater for ONE night just to say they had a “Theatrical release” again, to appease the contracts, which is also why they don’t spend money advertising it.


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